This is the full text of the chapters in my book: The Dream Body Mindset.

Book Description

Have you ever found yourself unmotivated in the gym? Are you not getting the fitness results you expect? The vast majority of people never achieve their dream body, and it’s not from lack of effort, but because they have the wrong mindset.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. All these elite athletes share a highly successful mindset. In other words, they think differently about training than you.

This is the first and only book that trains your mind to think like the most successful pros do. Adopt the “Dream Body Mindset” and learn how to work out harder, get more results in the gym, and love every minute of it.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Dream Body Mindset

Chapter 2: The harder the workout, the better

Chapter 3: Fail once in a while

Chapter 4: Focus on what’s in front of you

Chapter 5: Don’t forget about Recovery

Chapter 6: Focus, part 2: Keep it Moving

Chapter 7: Food is Fuel

Chapter 8: The power of Social

Chapter 9: Mind+Muscle Connection

Chapter 10: There is no Dream Body