Let’s face it, there are many reasons for wanting a dream body these days. We think we’re not skinny or big enough. We think we’re not strong enough, we think we’re not fast enough.

We think our bodies, and thus ourselves, are not good enough, whether it’s for our friends, mates, jobs, or just society in general.

This is a difficult subject and it’s tough for me to write about because I’ve struggled with it for many years.

But it’s an integral part of the Dream Body Mindset.

The lesson is to love yourself, to appreciate your body, no matter what level it is at, to accept your current height, weight, body fat, muscle strength, whatever, while also believing in working hard towards your goal.

The lesson is that happiness comes from feeling proud of yourself, from within, not from what people around you say or do not say.

I used to think that a perfect body was what I needed in order to feel confident and get a girlfriend. But once I got a six pack, and some nice biceps, there was always another ladder to climb. I needed big chest muscles to feel confident. Just one more hurdle and then I’d be “there”. My problem was basing my internal happiness and confidence on my body’s appearance.

I realized, eventually, and with great difficulty, that achieving your Dream Body, while a great accomplishment itself, is not a solution to your self-esteem, confidence, or girl (or boy) issues.

Your confidence comes from within, from the knowledge that you are capable of achieving what you care about.

Your self-esteem comes from the belief that you are valuable, not for your bank account, or your clothes, or your appearance, or your accomplishments, but from your belief that God created you, or, if you aren’t religious, that the universe created you, or, if you aren’t spiritual, that you have a purpose and right to be on this earth.

Your girl or boy issues have nothing to do with your dream body, but with how much you care about him or her and how well you treat them, how much tenderness and love you put into the relationship.

Whatever your motivation is to go for your dream body, I applaud you. Anything that gets you working hard to be healthier is a good thing, in my opinion.

But just remember that the Dream Body Mindset is not about some picture-perfect standard of perfection. It’s not something to ever hate yourself for not achieving yet.

There. Is. No. Dream. Body.

There is only the love we have towards ourselves, the care we show to our body, and the effort we put towards living healthier lives.

And that, my friend, is truly the Dream Body Mindset.