Disclaimer: I am not currently dating anyone and i don’t claim to be God’s gift to women. But, I do think I can teach you to be better at dating. Why? Simple. Dating, basically, is Sales. And there are basic principles to Sales that can be taught and that anyone can learn.

How to connect with more women on online dating sites

Step 0:

make sure you have this step mastered before you even begin online dating: Demonstrate HIGH VALUE. (If you’ve done this already, move on to part 2: How to Write a Good Bio)

Learn a skill or subject.

Take care of your health (f you smoke, quit. if you have alcohol or drug addiction, quit).

Get a job.

Also, get in shape so that you look better.

Why? Take a look at some shitty looking websites trying to sell you a product with horrible pictures. You will not in a million years ever buy from that site.

So why expect women to be any different?

You need to think of yourself as a product. Imagine a girl’s perspective, looking at you. Or imagine yourself, looking at some expensive product that requires a lot of effort (that’s what relationships are for women). If there are clear flaws in either the product itself or in the product’s presentation, she’s going to have serious doubts about buying. Just like you wouldn’t buy a product on amazon that had shitty pictures and a 2 stars average. The lack of effort in presenting the product demonstrates to the buyer that you aren’t making a full effort to sell yourself. And then it’s easy to imagine that this person will be lazy in other areas as well.

So if you are not in shape, you need to get in shape. If you are overweight or obese, have bad hygiene, unemployed, or in a depressive state, then you are an unfinished product. It doesn’t mean you are WORTHLESS or a bad person, but it does mean you are NOT READY to date. Getting yourself in a better place financially, mentally, and physically opens up way more interest from other women. This in turn gives you way more options to choose from. Not to mention the confidence you will have in taking care of your shit and that you can take care of her.

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