Part 1: Be Valuable

If you’ve skipped Part 1 above, go back and work on that before working on Part 2.

Once you have raised your value as a human, it’s on to Part 2:

Write a good bio

First thing you should do is to take good pictures. Even though you are now of value, you are still an uncut, unpolished gem. You don’t look as good as you could. It takes the final polishing steps to really put together an attractive product.

In tinder, the bio doesn’t matter as much but the pictures matter more. It’s like 90% pictures 10% bio. In some other dating apps/sites it might be around 50/50, where in the bio she’s checking that you’re employed with an above average salary and that you have no grammar mistakes (shows you’re educated and thus not low class).
Still, looks do matter on every site, so there really is no excuse for mucking this part up. Get a friend with a sharp eye to take nice photos of you. Get a nice haircut, dress in a way that makes you look good. As for the words in the bio, i wouldn’t bother too much if I was on tinder, but if you are on okcupid or match or something with more text, have a friend look over your bio.

Writing a good bio actually is not easy. You can’t just throw words up and expect it to be a great, finished product. What your bio has to do is to

1) not be boring

2) explain what makes you different

3) Show what you can provide her.

If you follow those 3 guidelines you will have a better bio than 95% of guys.